Tamponspender und Bindenspender weiß aus Edelstahl
Tampon und Bindenspender anthrazit
Tampon und Bindenspender blau
Tamponspender und Bindenspender rot
Tampon und Bindenspender grau
Tampon und Bindenspender grün
Tampon und Bindenspender orange
Tamponspender und Bindenspender pink
Tamponspender und Bindenspender unbeschichtet
Tampon und Bindenspender individuelle Farbauswahl
Weiss_Tampon- und Bindenspender mit Logo
Blau_Menstruationshygiene Spender _mit_Logo
Rot_Menstruationshygiene Spender_mit_Logo
Grau_Menstruationshygiene Spender _mit_Logo
Orange_Menstruationshygiene Spender _mit_Logo
Unbeschichtet_Menstruationshygiene Spender _mit_Logo
Individuelle Farbgestaltung_Menstruationshygiene Spender _mit_Logo
Tampon and Pad Dispenser Rental
Weiss_Tampon- und Bindenspender Periodically
Anthrazit Tampon- und Bindenspender Periodically
Blau Tampon- und Bindenspender Periodically
Rot_Tampon- und Bindenspender Periodically
Grau Tampon- und Bindenspender Periodically
Grün Tampon- und Bindenspender Periodically
Orange Tampon- und Bindenspender Periodically
Unbeschichtet_Tampon- und Bindenspender Periodically
Tamponspender Anthrazit
Tamponspender Blau
Tamponspender Rot
Grau Tampon- und Bindenspender mit Logo Periodically
Tamponspender Grün
Tamponspender Orange
Tamponspender Pink
Tamponspender Edelstahl
Unbefuellt_Individuelle Farbgestaltung_Tampon- und Bindenspender
Unbefuellt_Individuelle Farbgestaltung_Tampon- und Bindenspender mit Logo
Tamponspender und Bindenspender Minzgrün
Tamponspender und Bindenspender Logo Bio Minzgrün
Tamponspender und Bindenspender hellblau
Tamponspender und Bindenspender mit Logo hellblau

Tampon and Pad Dispenser Rental

Normal price€12,50
VAT included.
  • Price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

Rent our sustainable tampon and sanitary pad dispenser - ideal for pilot projects

With our flexible rental model, you can test our sustainable tampon and sanitary pad dispenser without obligation and make your facility more inclusive. This high-quality dispenser is perfect for schools, offices, universities, clubs and public institutions to promote an open approach to menstruation and support equality and inclusion.

Advantages of our rental model

  • Flexibility: Ideal for pilot projects to test acceptance and effectiveness without long-term commitments.
  • Easy to use: After one year, the dispenser is yours, at no additional cost.
  • Short-term introduction possible: With a minimum rental period of just three months and a notice period of one month, our rental model offers maximum flexibility.
  • Sustainability: Supports an environmentally friendly and responsible decision, as the dispensers are made of high-quality stainless steel and produced in Germany.

Product details at a glance

Our dispenser impresses with its quality and user-friendliness:

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 30x20x9cm, weight: 3kg
  • Capacity: 140 tampons and 50 sanitary pads
  • Side viewing window to check the fill level
  • Securely lockable and easy to refill
  • Two keys and fastening material for wall mounting (drilling) included
  • For drill-free installation, our adhesive set is available as a separate accessory
  • Information sticker for equipped toilets
  • Sticker 1: For toilet door, marks directly equipped toilets
  • Sticker 2: Can be individually written on, marks equipped floors, ideal for selective dispenser placement
  • Plastic-free and sustainably manufactured in Germany

Special features of our rental models

As these are rental dispensers, it can happen that the devices show slight signs of wear such as inconspicuous scratches. However, these do not affect the function of the dispensers, which continue to work perfectly.

Important contract details

By ordering a tampon and sanitary pad dispenser through our website, you enter into a rental agreement with us that takes effect automatically. This makes it easier for you to manage and offers the flexibility to improve menstrual hygiene in your facility without long-term commitments.

Minimum term: The contract has a minimum term of 3 months. This gives you the opportunity to fully test the function and benefits of the dispenser.

Maximum term: The maximum term is one year. After this period, the dispenser automatically becomes your property, so there are no further costs for the purchase.

Notice period: The contract can be terminated with one month's notice to the end of the month before the year expires. If you decide not to renew the contract, you are expected to return the dispenser in good condition.

Product commitment: During the rental period, you agree to purchase the hygiene products exclusively from us. This ensures optimal compatibility and functionality of the system.
Return: All information on how to properly return the dispenser can be found in a special document that we provide. This regulates the shipping details and ensures that the donor is returned safely and correctly.

Documentation and further information

For comprehensive information on the rental agreement and the exact terms and conditions, you can download the document on the general rental agreement conditions directly here.

General rental agreement conditions

Installation instructions

Data sheet

Our dispenser is registered and protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office!

Minor color deviations between the product images and the actual product are possible due to different color calibrations of a monitor.

Shipping and delivery time

Standard delivery time: 1-5 days, deviations may occur for very large order quantities

Parcel shipping is 100% climate neutral

International shipping may be subject to customs duties and import taxes. We will be happy to inform you.

Our dispenser is registered and protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office!

Slight color deviations between the product images and the actual product are possible due to different color calibrations of a monitor.

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