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Periodically starts: no VAT on menstrual products
Our mission

At university, I got my period without having tampons or pads with me. This has prompted me to question why toilet paper is a matter of course in every public toilet, but menstrual products are not.

We have therefore made it our mission to establish period products in all public toilets just as naturally. That's why we developed the first dispenser to hand out free menstrual products - for more equality, equal opportunities and to normalise menstruation.

Guide to an equal future

in the field of innovations and inventions

With our development of the dispenser for menstrual products, we were recognised as a "guide to an equal future".

One of the campaign ambassadors for the "Equality Campaign" is Martin Horn, mayor of the city of Freiburg.

3 start-up competitions - 3 times in the final

Public Value Award

"The Public Value Award honors start-ups that respond to social issues with their offers and services and thus create a benefit for society and make a contribution to the common good."

Final: October 13

Social Impact Award

"The Social Impact Award is Europe's largest community that supports and accompanies social innovators under the age of 30 in the development and implementation of their own innovative ideas and projects to overcome the most important social challenges of our time."

Finals: October 7th


"GENERATION-D is a nationwide start-up competition for social entrepreneurship in Germany. Only innovative and creative projects that generate social added value with an entrepreneurial approach are funded."

Final: September 3

The impact

By establishing free menstrual products, you can implement these UN sustainability goals in your company or organisation

That's what our customers say

I think your commitment is great and I am very pleased that your products give us the opportunity to take up this topic in a very practical way in our work with young people.

Claudia Kümmeke, Head of the Youth Centre Burgtor Lübeck

The menstrual dispenser is popular and serves to our complete satisfaction

City of Kaarst

Die Tampon- & Bindenspender sind bei EurimPharm bereits voll im Einsatz und nehmen unseren Kolleginnen eine Sorge des Alltags ab!

Priyanka Bajaj, EurimPharm Arzneimittel GmbH

The practical dispenser for menstrual products has been well received at our university. Many students use the dispenser regularly.

Anna Stolzenberger, medical faculty of the University of Leipzig

Mir persönlich gefallen die Spender sowohl optisch als auch von der Handhabung her. Es ist einfach cool, dass man auch im Büro unbeschwert seine Menstruation haben kann. 

Julia Kunstmann, Otto GmbH & Co KG

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