Our Mission


of the women surveyed in a study reported that they had gotten their period unexpectedly at least once without having received any menstrual items.


of these women improvised at least once by crafting a pad out of toilet paper or something else.


of these women stated that they left their workplace or similar at least once to buy menstrual products.

Our goal is to make menstrual products freely available to everyone. We want to support menstruating individuals who spontaneously need period products. Furthermore, we want to create equal opportunities and educational justice, support menstruating people who do not have sufficient financial means and de-taboo and normalise the topic 'menstruation'.

Support in emergency situations

The period has no regard for timing or the situation.

Many young girls get their first period unexpectedly without having any period products with them. In the first few months, the period is particularly irregular, but later periods can also be irregular or unexpected. In addition, everyone forgets something, and if you forget period products before a class presentation, an oral exam or a meeting, the situation is particularly bad. In such cases, freely accessible period products are essential.

Equal Opportunities for All

A study in the UK has shown that 10% of school girls do not have the financial means to afford adequate menstrual products. In a Scottish study, 12% of respondents stated that they went to university/school more often during their menstruation thanks to the menstrual products provided free of charge.

Students should not have to miss out on their education due to a lack of financial resources. The introduction of free period products reduces the structural disadvantages of women* due to their menstruation.

Support for people who have insufficient financial resources

A study in the UK has shown that 10% of school girls do not have the financial means to afford adequate menstrual products. There is no study on this in Germany, but similar values are estimated. In addition, menstruating singles or single parents who receive the German unemployment benefit only have €17.02 available for health and care products. The costs for period products, which are estimated at €15 per month, are difficult for many to bear. When menstruating individuals don't have enough financial resources for period products, it is referred to as "Period Poverty". Free menstrual products can relieve these menstruating individuals financially.

Menstruation kein Tabuthema Enttaburiesierung
Breaking the taboo on the subject of "menstruation"

Menstruation is a normal, biological process of the body. Despite this, the subject is heavily tabooed. Dealing with menstruation and establishing free menstrual products are important steps towards de-tabooing and normalising periods.